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What is content marketing?

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Most probably you might have heard about the sentence “CONTENT IS KING!” said by Bill Gates.

His sentence is completely right but for a content that no marketing is taking place is like a king with no crown.

Content Marketing, is a strategic approach for creating & delivering a valuable content to potential users, by doing so you can attract a potential user to continue with you. In the next step of the content marketing strategy it’s needed to convert that potential loyal user to a buying customer.

We have to always keep in mind that content marketing is a long term strategy, and considering it in your marketing strategy is necessary. The concentration of doing content marketing is to create media not to rent some other media and pay them for it.

In Simpler words, content marketing is the same traditional art of communicating and keeping the connection with our current & potential customers. By doing so without any product introduction you are educating your customers and pushing them towards your products. producing contents which are in line with your client needs will catalyze the transformation of them to a loyal customer than a normal customer and since onwards they will be the one seeking you for your new products.


Regardless of which marketing strategy you are going on with, anyways content creation is part of your inbound marketing and you have to pay close attention to it’s quality. The quality of content is affecting many of marketing methods such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC ( Pay per Click )
  • Press Releases
  • Inbound Marketing

If you want to know more about the goals behind content marketing you can read it from here.

Content Marketing Cycle

Businesses use different strategies but some measures are known as principles of the content marketing.

What is content marketing?


For the first step it’s important to study and analyze to find out and see what content is exactly valuable to your users of business. After that we have to start thinking of the idea and it’s better to have a brainstorm as well to get the best idea among all. Next step to implement all of them.

In short the plan phase is:

1) Research, 2) Brainstorm, 3) Implementing

Content Production

As the name shows in this step you have to start creating the contents and keep in mind that this step is the most time taking step of all, plus keep in mind to do them as per the strategy you set at the first step.

Amplify Content

With Sharing the contents into social medias and the way your audience reacts to them you can improve your strategy towards their taste, analyze could help you at this stage however that is a separate stage that we will talk about.

Sharing The Content

At this stage you do not have to miss a single distribution channel and you have to use all the social medias you have access to, to broadcast the content in your hand, from the no charge ( free ) channels or even paid websites to promote your content.


At this stage you have to analyze your contents to see which ones had grabbed the most attention among all of them, and analyzing the different channels to compare which one provided a better feedback.

you have to be keeping on having the same cycle with new ideas & opportunities.

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